Our Search Process

We are with you before and after the hire. We assist you in negotiating the final offer and facilitating the onboarding process while providing a market-competitive replacement guarantee.

How We Search for You

Search Initiation

Our team will conduct onsite meetings with key organizational leaders and stakeholders to quickly understand the organization’s culture and external environment. We will seek to fully understand the position’s role and scope of responsibility, reporting relationships, the ideal candidate profile, key initiatives and success measures, as well as the compensation and benefits package. We will confirm your desired timeline and approach for the search and establish a primary point-of-contact for coordination and status updates.

Position Description

A detailed position description, inclusive of an in-depth description of the role, reporting structure, key performance initiatives, required experience, education, and licensure, along with key organizational and community information, will be prepared for your review and approval. Once finalized, this will become the key document we circulate throughout our network and beyond to identify and engage prospective candidates.

National Candidate Research and Identification

We develop an extensive target list of national candidates by identifying people we know from our own professional network and previous searches, along with an extensive query of proprietary candidate database, our national databases, and our customized research. Additionally, we heavily network through various professional colleagues, societies and associations. We frequently find the candidate that is “happy and not looking” but who ultimately listens to us, trusts us, and often becomes the best candidate for our client.

Candidate Evaluation and Slate Development

Drawing upon our own experience as health system executives and our search experience, we extensively evaluate prospective candidates through a series of telephone, video conference, and face-to-face interviews. We deeply assess candidates against the full position description, with careful attention to culture fit with both the organization and the surrounding community. Our team collaborates on the selection of the top candidates and prepares a detailed written assessment on each candidate.

Candidate Slate Presentation

We meet with you onsite to present the candidate slate and review the assessments. We facilitate a thorough and thought-provoking discussion of each candidate that covers much of what you would learn from a candidate in a first-round interview. We assist you in selecting the candidates you wish to meet and provide recommendations on the optimal approaches to those initial discussions and interview schedules.

Candidate Interviews & Full Service Offering

We want clients to be able to focus on a deep evaluation of each candidate, therefore, we provide a full-service approach to assisting with various logistical issues such as selecting and confirming interview dates and developing interview itineraries, questions and evaluations. As a trusted facilitator to the candidates, we communicate with them on next steps and facilitate the logistics of their travel on behalf of our clients.

Selection of Final Candidate & Search Conclusion

Our team provides advisory support on the final selection and ultimately the development of an offer letter; we partner with you on the presentation and negotiation of the offer and obtain the signed offer letter on your behalf. We will complete professional references while the organization completes background checks and other preemployment requirements. Our team will conduct post-search follow-up with you and the selected candidate to ensure a successful transition and obtain insightful and valuable perspectives for future searches.