Who We Are

As former executives, experience is our difference.

InTrust Partners is a top-ranked retained executive search & consulting firm with focused expertise in healthcare and academia with a national presence and leads searches throughout the country. Clients and candidates uniquely trust us based on our executive backgrounds and successful track record of consistently placing top transformative talent in organizations.

We take great pride and diligence in our extensive evaluation of candidates, understanding culture fit, and partnering with organizations to ensure the right candidate fit. In fact, repeat business is a hallmark for us, and several of our clients have used us for over 25+ searches. We have an unwavering commitment to quality, diversity, and a superb client & candidate experience, and we are dedicated to cultivating long-term strategic partnerships with our clients.

InTrust Partners is one of only 40 search firms sanctioned by ACHE’s National Executive Search Firm Exchange.

What Differentiates Us from Other Search Firms

Our firm’s national healthcare practice is comprised of former health system executives. We are former CEOs, CNOs, VP Strategy, VP Human Resources, and Physician Practice Executives who have held positions in organizations of varying sizes and cultures and understand the roles, requirements of success, and complexities of healthcare. Our unique backgrounds allow us to better understand an organization’s culture and environment and to better assess candidates that best fit our clients’ needs.

We purposely limit our practice to a select group of strategic clients to dramatically minimize the “off limits/non-compete” for talent issues. This unique approach access to over 90% of the market, allowing us to consistently bring the nation’s top talent to our clients.

We cultivate long-term strategic partnerships versus transactional relationships with our clients and serve as a strategic partner and trusted advisor. Repeat business is a hallmark of our client relationships. We get to know our clients’ culture, leadership team, and are thinking about them even when we are not actively conducting a search.

Our Senior Partners and Search Consultants personally do the work of each and every search from start to finish. This ensures searches are consistently led in the most efficient, timely, and high quality manner possible and that candidates are expertly vetted.

We respond immediately to our client’s executive search needs—on average we present a deeply vetted slate of top candidates within 60 days of launching a search.

We know that the candidate’s impression of our clients begins with us, and we strive to build professional, personal, and trusted relationships with every candidate—we treat candidates the way we wanted to be treated when we were candidates.

As former health system executives, we have been a client as well as a candidate of numerous search firms and experienced first-hand the impact of “off limits” issues, excessively long and frustrating searches, and infrequent and impersonable interactions. Now as executive search leaders, we have translated our experience into a proven model of success.

Keys to Success

Access to the best candidates

Unlike some firms that seek to work with as many clients as possible, InTrust Partners pursues long-term strategic partnerships with a select group of clients to minimize “off limits/non compete” issues to find and present the best candidates.

Expert vetting

Our healthcare executive backgrounds and national network of trusted colleagues gives us unique insights and an edge in deeply vetting candidates to ensure optimal fit to both the role and the culture.


We advise clients on methods that ensure a market differentiating experience. We build trusted relationships with candidates and their families and are successful in negotiating the final offer and securing the candidate of choice.


We get to know your culture, your leadership team, and your future plans; we are thinking about your talent needs even when we are not actively conducting a search for you.