Commitment to Diversity

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”

Stephen R. Covey

At InTrust Partners, we believe diversity and inclusion in executive teams and organizations create a strength in leadership and a community bond that provides not only a competitive advantage, but an organization that embraces all ideas, backgrounds, and varied perspectives that ultimately translate to more thoughtful decision-making and greater levels of sustainable business results, innovation, and community connectivity.

We partner with Boards and organizations to advance their goals and assist in bringing diversity to many organizations across the country. We always seek the best leaders, intentionally identifying a diverse slate of candidates for consideration, focusing on unique talents and experiences, identifying “up and comers” that become stars, and embrace all elements of diversity, with an intense focus on quality and cultural fit. We evaluate and bring talent that allows organizations to select among the best and facilitate their ability to achieve their highest degrees of success and be real leaders in their communities. Over the past three years, over 54% of our firm’s placements have been diverse (women or people of color).